Private day trip to Thak

Private Day trip to Thak

 we are leaving the hotel where you staying in Lake side, after breakfast at 8:00 am by driving into main city of pokhara to Kahunkhola and Thak. After 1:30 hrs drive you will reach Thak danda where there is a primary school and Above the school there are a shrine called Sildu “local god”. You can also see the beautiful landscape with the view of Annapurna Himalayas and lap of those Himalayas there are a Gurung settlement called Sikless, Tangting..... Now, your hike start up to Gharedi danda to experience flora and fauna and experience the local life style of countryside with a traditional way of agriculture. You will have local and organic food for lunch in this trip. After 4:00 pm we will get ready back to the town.

View of Annapurna and Sikless from Thak  Making tools in Thak 

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