Welcome to Dilmaya Treks and Expedition

We are an adventure trekking company based in Pokhara, Nepal, providing a broad range of services. Our goal is to delight our customers and thereby become the leading trekking company for the visitors who are interested in trekking, mountaineering, adventures, and area tours. We have provided hundreds of high quality trekking adventures for visitors from all over the world. You can read their testimonials here.

Our Specialty : Experience the traditional hill village life, meeting and mingling with the indigenous peoples who live there, while exploring the unsurpassed Himalayan landscape. Your journey will be led by an English-speaking guide native to the villages.

Sustainability : We employ local labor and put money back into the Annapurna natural environment and into the preservation and perpetuation of the traditional way of life of the hilltop villages.

One Stop Shopping : We can also coordinate your trek to add area tours and other adventure activities like Paragliding, River rafting, Jungle safari and Ultra light flights. In Nepal, 'Dilmaya Treks and Expedition Pvt-Ltd' and our professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff will go the extra mile to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

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One Day Tour in Nepal

One Day Tour in Nepal

Explore the "Hidden Villages"

Hidden Villages

Dil Maya Trek & Expeditions can guide you through any of the well-known trekking routes. However, for those who prefer the road less traveled, we also specialize in routes not well-known to other trekking companies that avoid the heavily frequented Annapurna tourist trail, utilizing pathways used primarily by the Himalayan people living in the hills, through villages principally occupied by the Gurung people and others, and through unspoiled areas of Himalayan Nepal rarely visited by outsiders.

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Home Stay

Home Stay places visitors with a local Himalayan hill village family to experience the local lifestyle, and to learn some of the indigenous language or improve their language skills. No other form of tourism can give visitors a fuller sense of the lifestyle of local peoples. While Home Stays may occur in any destination worldwide, Nepal does more to encourage Home Stay than many other countries as a means of developing their tourism industry and sharing information about the country and its culture with others. Hosting a Home Stay visitor also allows the local family to earn some additional, much-needed income. Home Stays are surprisingly affordable, and can not be regarded as strictly commercial activity, but more of cross cultural exchange.

For those who would like this unique opportunity to experience the Nepali hill village lifestyle in a more personal and immersive way, Dil Maya Treks and Expedition is pleased to offer a Home Stay Program in some of the beautiful hilly villages of the Himalayas.